Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The first 365 days....whoa.

Well, Helloooooo.................
It has been a while since I took the time to 'blog' so I thought what the is a perfect time.
Kevin and I have been married a FULL year. Holy Smokes. Yes, ONE whole year...a whole 365 days. Geez.

You sure do learn a lot about a person when you are actually married to holding back after you say 'I Do'

Here you go...the top 25 things I learned during my first 365 days of being married to Kevin...

1. It is still not ok to burp. I do it anyway and every time I hear 'that's really attractive' yes, I know it is super attractive that is why I continue to do it. I know it drives Kevin nuts, but I cannot help it. Well, I guess I could, but I don't....

2. If the bath tub stops draining it is totally my fault. I argued that point at first, UNTIL Kevin took his long plastic stick thing he bought at Wal-Mart and well the mass of hair he removed from the drain more than likely could have been sculpted into a full blown wig. O-M-G. So, yes, it is my fault.

3. Most of the time I get my way. It just takes a little whining and he normally gives in, that's totally cool with me.

4. I cannot continue blaming the dog for passing gas. Kevin doesn't believe me anyway...

5. We argue over retarded stuff.....a lot.

6. Grocery shopping is easier alone. During the first few months of marriage I thought I was cool because my husband grocery shopped with me...he was only going to be nice. Then I realized I get done a lot faster when I am alone...

7. I cannot tell him I love you too many times in one day.

8. Sharing the same blanket is a dumb idea. I end up with the whole blanket, his body heat makes me hot, my cold hands piss him off when they touch his back....and so we have our own blankets.

9. I snore. Yep, according to Kevin I snore. I am still in denial. Whatever.

10. Fall = Football Season. Fantasy Football is a sport. It will be funded every or lose. Ok...

11. Don't talk politics. No matter what the circumstances...

12. Divorce is not an option...don't threaten it. If you do, you better pack your stuff and be ready for your bluff to be me on that one....

13. Drinking alcohol is not near as fun as it was before we were married. Now, we have a drink and we are ready for bed. Is that normal? It was like the minute we got married we became old tired people...WTH?

14. Family vacations are stressful. OMG. The beach was amazing but I stressed over the waves sucking the kids under- Kevin kept telling me to chill out...I was scared to death a shark was going to eat all of us...Mattellen yelled SHARK every time she got in the water...clearly we are more of a swimming pool type family...

15. Don't pour ice cold water on him while in the shower. I still do it. I don't care how mad he gets, it is hilarious.

16. Some things are better left unsaid...

17. When in the bathroom close every door between you and him that is possible. There are some things that your husband just does NOT need to hear...

18. The TV is his. Period. If I want to watch a show I better set the DVR and when I say set the DVR that does not mean set it during a time that he has something recording because some how the DVR ends up recording his show and not mine...weird, huh? Yeah. I thought so too...

19. Sleeping on the couch is ok....sometimes. Especially when you have been told 'shhhhh' Yes, he did. He had rolled over on my blanket and I politely asked him to move at 1:00am...and he shushed me...needless to say I ended up on the couch...we laugh about it now...but not at the time...

20. Buy name brand make up, but don't tell him and if you do tell him, just don't give out any is ok.

21. Dance around the living room like total idiots...

22. Sing together. As loud as you can. Who cares if you sound like a hound is still fun!!

23. Be each others best friend. Through thick and thin. Good and bad. Stand beside each other not behind...

24. Snuggling and Cuddling are over rated. I swear. It is not comfortable ( I don't care who you are) to be piled up on the couch laying all over the top of each other trying to watch a movie. Don't even act like it is...he sits in his chair and I lay on the couch...

25. Last but not least...KNOW YOUR ROLL! I'm kidding...respect. It goes a long way, just because you are married to someone does not mean you own them, it does not mean you are entitled to treat them however you want means you have committed to sharing your life with that person just as they have done the same for have promised to be there for for matter what....and I will do just that. I will love Kevin Adams no matter what. He drives me crazy some days, I feel like I come home to a zoo on most days, I get frustrated, I cry, I laugh, I scream, but I love every stinking minute of it. I would not change it for the world...

Now you all know what I learned during the first 365 days...I am sure I could go on and on and on and on....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Adams Family Vacation 2012

As you all probably know, The Adams Family took their first official family vacation. As many of you know planning a vacation can be very stressful, fun, hard, exciting, & very frustrating.
As Kevin and I were choosing a vacation location we were hell bent on NOT vactioning in Alabama. Obviously, because we are HUGE Tennessee Vol fans. Well, guess where we ended up- Gulf Shores, AL.

We chose June 2nd-9th and invited Kevin's mother to join us. 427 E. Beach Blvd. Unit # 464 in Gulf Shores, AL was our home for 6 nights, yes, it was rented for 7 nights. By Friday Thursday we were ready to come home. So, we left late Friday afternoon! Kevin drive all night and we pulled into our drive way at 5:28am.

Kevin, Hayden, Mattellen, and I left Portland, TN on Friday June 1st at 4:15pm. We met Patsy (Kevin's mother) in Dickson, TN around 5:15. The kids were beyond excited. My first question to Patsy was- Are you sure you are ready for a week of this???

We drove the majority of the night before stopping to get some rest at some small town hotel. The room had 2 full size beds. We had 5 people. None of us got much sleep but enough to get up the next morning and finish the drive. We pulled up to our condo at 1:30pm. The weather was awesome. The beach/ocean looked amazing. The kids were ready to get their swim on and I was ready to start baking my skin.

We all got ready and headed to the beach. We rented Chair #59. It shaded my husband and provided me a place to catch some sun & read Chelsea Handler (By the way, she is HILARIOUS!)

The water was very 'weedy' as I called it. Lots of sea weed floating around. The pocket's of Kevin's swimming trunks would fill up with sea weed. There was sea weed down the font of my suit, in Mattellen's hair, stuck to butt cheeks. It was every where. Along with sand. O-M-G. Sand. Sand. Sand. I had a huge fear of stepping on something. Jelly fish. Crab. Shark (Far fetched, I know, but true story.) Turtle. Fish. I squealed like a little girl several times. Finally, Kevin said 'Baby, just don't think about it and come on.' Ok. Ok. We have driven 9 hours, rented a condo on the beach for 7 days, I might as well suck it up and enjoy swimming in this HUGE body of water that I cannot see my legs in, right? So, I did it. Low and behold, I stepped on something squishy that jolted my foot a little bit and again I squealed. I attempted to run out of the ocean. That's a joke. I got out of the water as quickly as I could. Mattellen screaming 'MAMA STEPPED ON A JELLY FISH AND IT STUNG HER FOOT MAMA STEPPED ON A JELLY FISH MAMA STEPPED ON A JELLY FISH' I said 'Mattellen, HUSH. Stop saying that.' We get to our chair and I examined my foot. I looked at my foot, Kevin looked at it, the kids were amazed by it. Some black, sticky, gooey, gunk was caked to the bottom of it. What. The. Hell. My first thought was whale turds. You know, my brother warned Mattellen about whale turds being in the ocean. Just kidding. I really had no idea what it was. The gunk would not wipe off. I tried everything I knew to get it off. Nothing worked. The guy we rented the chair from walked by to check on us (My thoughts, he probably heard Mattellen screaming about a dang Jelly Fish and thought we were nuts) so he decided to do a walk by and see what was going on. I asked him what it was and he said more than likely a tar ball from the oil spill. REALLY. Of all the things in the ocean I step on a tar ball from the oil spill that happened in 2010. His solution to removing the oil from my foot was to walk around in the sand. My solution was to take a shower and scrub it off. That may have been the most sticky mess I have ever touched. It took a good 2 days for it all to finally come off my foot.

The next few days were spent at the ocean. Kevin worrying about getting burnt by the sun. Me worryin about not gettnig enough sun or stepping on some random sea creature.
The kids worrying about who can build the best sand castle. Patsy would go to the beach with us, but she read the whole time. She got in the water a little bit!
 Hayden enjoyed digging in the sand out of the sun!

Mattellen enjoyed aggravating him by trying to help dig in the same hole he had already started!!

The above picture was more than likely one of the times Mattellen got out of the ocean yelling SHARK! Yes, she did that more than once.

Again, they are digging a hole in the sand.

The kids enjoyed getting up each morning to see what color the flag was for the day. The flag colors were dictated by the 'roughness' of the water. It was yellow the majority of the week which meant the water was a little bit rough but ok to be in. The last few days the water very rough and the flag was red. The kids wanted nothing to do with the water when the flag was red and I cannot say that I blame them. Mattellen was knocked down by a wave on the first day we were there and it scared her and I will say it was not a pleasant feeling for me either. She was a little skeptical from that point forward, but she loosened up a little bit when Patsy bought her a boogie board. Hayden wouldn't use his boogie board, I think he was a little leary of the water/waves. It can be very intimidating. Knowing that you have no control over the waves and where they crash. I did not attempt the boogie board, no one needed to see all that and I am not real sure how to 'ride a wave.'

Kevin and I decided to brave the red flag and get in the ocean again. We were both knocked down and swept under water. One of the scariest moments of my life, ok that's a little over dramatic, but it was not fun. That was when we decided we were over the red flag & the Gulf of Mexico!

Kevin wanted to drive over to Mobile, AL and visit the USS Alabama. A very large battleship used during World War II. Off we go, 50 some odd miles away from Gulf Shores. I have a rather large huge fear of bridges. I am convinced one is going to collapse as my car is going over it. It's possible. Anyway, the trip to Mobile included a bridge. No, not a small bridge. A bridge that crossed over the Mobile bay. Swampy areas. Low to the ground. Forever long bridge. The kids thought it was hilarious and I just reminded myself to breathe and not croak while we crossed it. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweaty, and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Yes, we made it across.
 Mattellen on the USS Alabama. (See the bridge in the background. That is not the entire thing either......)

 The USS Alabama
Mobile Bay

The bridge and again, this is only a portion of it. Scary business.

 Another day, we decided to take a walk on the Gulf Shore State Park Pier. Yes, I am afraid of bridges, but I am ok with walking on a pier. Don't ask why, because I really don't know.
We witnessed a man trying to fight with a sting ray he had caught. He was fishing off the pier and hooked a sting ray. Apparently, they are rather fiesty, strong, and tough creatures to reel in. We watched him fight with it for about 10 minutes before he finally cut his line and released it- hook and all. I know, all you animal lovers are saying awwwwwwwwwwwwwww and so did I, but I think he did the right thing. He would of had to do the that any way and there was no point in him continuing to fight with it.

 School of fish off the pier!
 Sting rays off the pier
 Mattellen & Hayden on the pier!

And, our trip including lots of shopping. There were several surf shops and we visited the majority of them. FYI- Don't let your kids read the shirts hanging on the wall.
The shirt Hayden read out loud and then asked his daddy what a pink taco was...........................awkward silence as Kevin looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and walked off. GEEZ!

Can't take these 3 anywhere!!!

My suggestions should you decide to take a vacation to Gulf Shores, AL.

1.Eat at the Shrimp Basket. Amazing seafood.

2. Walk on the pier - watch out for people fishing!

3. Go to Adventure Island in Orange Beach (about 2 miles down the road)

4. Enjoy your time in the ocean. Don't worry about the creatures. I am sure there are plenty out there and really you cannot stop them...

5. Visit the Hang Out! Kid friendly, live band, super fun times!

6. Take lots of random never know what you will capture...hope you enjoy my family and all of our randomness!!!
Mattellen...hole digging.

Yes, that is a shovel in the air.

That is Mattellen and Hayden sitting together...

And last but not least...our attempt at family pictures...............................

Adams Family Duck Face Picture.....................

All in all, we had a great vacation! We laughed. I am pretty sure at some point we all cried. Hayden got pegged in the eye with a roll at Lambert's - home of throwed rolls. He is convinced he will never eat another roll! Mattellen screamed SHARK every time she was in the water.  

The Adams Family
Gulf Shores, AL